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Tarot is a very famous magical tool.

78 cards that help many see the future. The deck of cards consists of the Major, Minor and Court Arcana.

First of all, you need to understand that any Tarot deck, be it made by a great magician or hand-drawn, is a tool. By itself, the deck carries very little of its own energy, it is rather the energy of the drawings themselves, The one that the artist put in.

If you decide to purchase a Tarot deck, but still don’t know how to choose it, here are a few practical tips:

  1. To learn how to read any deck, knowledge of the basics is required. This knowledge is very easy to acquire if the first deck in your arsenal is the Rider-Waite deck.

In many decks, the Minor Arcana are stylized drawings of the number of Cups, Staves, Pentacles, or Cups.

The Rider-Waite deck provides an illustration for each card, which helps to remember the meanings, or at least restore them in the course of divination, simply by considering the plot depicted in the picture.

  1. To choose a deck, be guided by your own feelings. Go to a store where you can hold the deck in your hands and look at the pictures. Choose cards that you like purely visually.
  2. Practicing tarologists have noticed that decks can be divided into light and dark. But! – this does not apply to their own energy at all.

This refers to the patterns that are shown on the cards, or what the deck is designed for. For example, there is the Tarot of Guardian Angels, a very bright and beautiful deck.

And there is the Black Grimoire Tarot, or the beautiful Baphomet Tarot, on which you can see what kind of negativity is on a person, or what kind of demons are sitting inside him.

And so, you chose a deck, brought it home. In order to start working with it, you will need a lot of auxiliary things.

  1. Blue or white candle. The fire of such a candle helps the deck itself to tune in to you.
  2. Bedspread. This attribute is needed if you are guessing on the table at which you eat. And the problem is not that the cards do not like the energy of food. It’s just that they can stick together from the crumbs.
  3. A book with interpretations. Usually a Little White Book is attached to the deck, but it is sometimes not enough. For each deck, you can find several good books on interpretations.

Personally, I can recommend two authors who are well versed in the general concepts of Tarot. This is Hayo Banzhaf and Mary Greer. You can take almost any of their books, they are focused on the Tarologist of any background and will be of interest to everyone.

You have decided to guess, but where to start?

Tip: get familiar with the deck. Shuffle it. There are a lot of “rules” about how to shuffle the deck and draw the cards. I recommend that you find your own way, the one that is convenient for you.

But pulling out cards is still better with your left hand. Shuffle the deck well and ask her a question:

“How do you feel about me, deck?” Pull out a card and try to interpret it using the materials you have and your own opinion about the card.

There is a ritual to revive the deck, but I have never used it. Just clean the deck with four elements – water, candle, salt and incense stick smoke.

There are many ways to memorize the meanings of cards.

One of them I call elaboration. It is also suitable when it seems to you that the deck does not want to respond for some reason.

Ask a friend to ask the deck a question to which he knows the answer, but you do not. And draw 1-3 cards, trying to interpret the situation.

Another way – in the morning or evening of each day, take out one card from the deck, trying to understand how it relates to your today.

Good luck with your practice.

My credo is only reliable information and my goal is the synergy of traditions with modern knowledge, because only the best is worth taking from life.

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March 20, 2023

I’m never able to find a deck I like enough to choose, but I quite like this post.

March 20, 2023

Very interesting post. Thank you.

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