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Solar Symbolism of Heather

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In the middle of summer, when the heather is filled with the hum of millions of bees, the White Goddess herself is often depicted as a queen bee.

Heather is a symbol of a seductive woman, a female devourer of men, a symbol of the goddess of love, copulating with the King of Oak before it is consumed by fire.

It is believed that white heather brings happiness, because, according to popular beliefs, it keeps from acts caused by irrepressible passion.

The bee itself was a symbol of wisdom among the Celts, and moderate intoxication was considered a way to raise the curtain between the world of reality and the world of spirits in order to communicate with the gods.

Heather ale at summer celebrations created a festive atmosphere, lifted prohibitions, helped the muses of poetry, music and singing to join the society of people and called the goddess of love into the world.

Heather acts as a symbol of passionate love, sacrifice and self-control. However, first of all, heather symbolizes passion, sensual love and joy brought by a surge of emotions.

But behind the enjoyment of life and boundless fun, you need to see something more important, namely: the consequences that unbridled passion can lead to.

The Celts believed that a person is always responsible for the final result of his actions, and therefore, before you fully surrender to the pleasure that heather ale carries, you must understand what your true self is.

Heather growing uncontrollably does not live very long, but if it is burned every year to the very soil, life returns to it with renewed vigor.

Heather teaches that there must always be some balance between the desire for self-expression and the need for self-control, since both are necessary for people.

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